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blade runner - 1982

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Adopted this cutie this weekend! :D

Her name is Belle. ^^

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and here’s Jesus clearly handling the ball. yellow card

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To Primm

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when the nudes exceed your expectations

stop this


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ok for a quick moment I thought “FUCK OFF QUINT” and i dont know why

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4real tho. 3 dog is talkin’ about how its obvious everyone started getting sick from the aqua pura the brotherhood is givin’ out [saying nobody got THAT sick before they got the purifier running.]. and from what it looks/sounds like, it seems that they’re purifying water then putting it in bottles and not recycling it out into the basin [though iirc, there was talk about that they were thinking of doing it or have already started the process or returning it to the source.].

[another long one]

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i found k-9 and dogmeat.

they are on my team

and also malcolm from megaton.

i have malcolm, fawkes, dogmeat and k-9 now.

pet pet

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Smithsonite | ©Stan Celestian 

Kelly Mine, New Mexico, US.

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idk boston or something

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I also want to say this is my favorite assumption about why the water is making everyone sick by far. Even with the regular purified water though. not a lot of people have it [as i have come to understand] so it would be safe to assume that the clean, radiation free water was the culprit by itself [and not the FEV]. 

the guy even tests the water damn [though it would make sense that it wouldn’t show up as he would not be looking OR testing for that. and FEV [non-enclave] is a normal thing that everyone in the wastes [sans vault dwellers] is affected by. They all have it. some more than others though [super mutants. I dont know if ghouls are a result of JUST radiation or radiation and a higher FEV count.]. Though I am unsure as to who actually knows this fact [outside the enclave and bos. as of now, these are the only groups i know to know that the FEV exists [i would think w/ the bos trying to figure out what the enclave were doing they’d find SOMETHING about their FEV, or at least something with the super mutants and how they were made.]].

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other than fire him and hope he goes to either that one campsite i found [idk, it was weird and just popped up a prompt saying it was mine now.] or the museum of history like usual [iirc].

but i like fawkes 2 much.

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